Innovation Policy

  • Developing products required by the aviation industry in the fields of aircraft parts, test systems, tool/equipment and building strategic alliances in these fields.
  • Developing major modifications and innovative solutions by collaboration in the fields of avionics, structural, aircraft systems and cabin interior.
  • Developing authentic tool / appliance / equipment to innovate in processes.
  • Developing authentic methods and solutions to increase marketing effectiveness and brand awareness.
  • Developing competencies via including critical and high value added technologies such as unmanned technologies, artificial intelligence, and robotics into aviation projects.
  • Strengthening our corporate culture and organizational structure to assimilate and support innovative, multi discipliner, unfettered and authentic thinking.
  • Extending and deepen our human resources to develop competencies in advanced technology and new business areas.
  • Strengthening our infrastructure to develop innovation capacity and performance.
  • Building a strong ecosystem based on open innovation with all national, regional and global stakeholders.