Cabin Interior Maintenance Services

We continue to be airline operators first choice and solution partner in cabin maintenance and renewal projects with our modern hangars, workshops decorated with latest technological equipments, experience in aircraft maintenance and repair sector and most importantly our personnel who are at the pinnacle of their profession.

As Turkish Technic, we offer cabin interior solutions such as modifications, renewals, manufacturing and VIP cabin designs within certain authorizations.

We continue to be the first choice and solution partner of airline operators’ cabin maintenance and renovation projects, with our modern hangars, workshops equipped with the latest technology equipment as well as with our experience in aircraft maintenance and revision sector and our team of experts.

Our cabin maintenance services are carried out by 3 different workshops within our company, which successfully performs cabin revision maintenance and decorative coating, cabin textile and aircraft seat workshops, in the aircraft; seat, galley, oxygen systems etc as well as maintenance, repair and renewal of materials. In addition to these services, the production, assembly and revision works of all textile products in the cabin are carried out by our related units.

Our Services

Decorative Lamination Services

We provide interior panel decorative lamination replacement and repair service for side walls, partion panels, divider panels and dado parts for our customers.       

Seat Services

Our team, specialized in the maintenance and repair of aircraft seats and equipment, offers our customers a privileged and perfect maintenance service. Our company, which performs inspection, general maintenance and troubleshooting with great professionalism on aircraft seats, also offers RSPL and Stock advice services to our customers.

Cabin Maintenance Services

Full cabin modification and refurbishment services including avionics and mechanical parts.

Repositioning of cabin parts such as galley, washbasin, coatroom, overhead waste bin and LOPA arrangement services.

Painting Services

Component painting services in accordance with AMM and CMM references.

Smart Repair Services

Repair of plastic cabinet interior parts in accordance with EASA PART-21 or documentation provided by our customers

Textile Production Services

Production of carpet, curtain, seat cover, cargo nets and cabin textile products for aircraft

Insulation blanket repairs

Aircraft seat upholstery repair services

Aircraft carpet repairs

Technical Drawing Services

We design and produce aircraft placards that can be customized according to your needs and comply with EASA PART-145 and EASA PART-21 standards.

VIP Services

Thanks to our ability to produce parts that we design ourselves tailored to our customers' needs, we offer all kinds of services in terms of design, production and after-sales services.

Spare Part Services

We have a large and comprehensive inventory of cabin interior parts for a variety of aircraft types. Thanks to this part inventory that we keep as stock in our warehouses, we offer our customers a flawless service with short turnaround times. Some of the items in our inventory: Decorative sheet materials, NTF, Fabric, leather, carpet etc.