Tear Down Services

In addition to the maintenance, repair, and fleet management services that we carry out with great care, we also offer our customers high-quality and reliable teardown services for their retired aircraft.

As Turkish Technic, we provide a perfect service to our customers in all areas under the heading of aircraft maintenance and repair. We also provide tear down service for the aircraft that will be taken out of the fleet, as well as the support services we provide for the aircraft that our customers will add to their fleets and the maintenance and renewal services for the aircraft in their fleet.

Determining the aircraft to be taken out of the fleet and planning this process is a very important point for maximizing flight operation and inventory efficiency. Our team of experts examine the fleets on behalf of our customers and carry out the relevant planning by considering environmental factors and flight safety. After the professional planning phase, dismantling of usable & recyclable components and materials in the aircraft to be removed from the fleet is carried out efficiently. We also provide consultancy and technical support services to our customers in terms of classifying the dismantled materials and taking the materials that can be used again in the inventory.

Our services

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