Aircraft Painting Services

Located on two continents in both sides of Istanbul, our paint hangars has the capability of performing all necessary painting operations of an aircraft.

As Turkish Technic, we offer a wide range of painting services to meet your aircraft's needs. We have aircraft painting hangars located on both sides of Istanbul, on two different continents. Our modern hangars equipped with 4 tele platforms provide suitable conditions for treating all aircraft types. Aircraft painting, paint removal and logo drawing services are carried out meticulously by our team of experts. We offer fast and high quality solutions to our customers in these hangars with our 17.000 m² painting area and more than 150 expert personnel.

Employing chemical paint removal or sanding method for aircraft paint removal, we take necessary occupational health and safety measures at our hangars for our team of experts to deliver the best result for your aircraft. Our staff has been trained and certified by international authorities for all painting procedures on all aircraft types within our capabilities. The body sheet and composite parts of the aircraft are carefully checked in terms of damage (corrosion, cracks) by our experts, and when the damage is encountered, the necessary repair processes are applied within the frame specified by the reference documents. With the capability to remove paint via chemical and abrasion methods on the airframe and wings as well as repainting the whole aircraft, we can create bespoke paint templates. Thanks to our competence provided by all these capabilities, we can easily apply complex designs on aircraft.