Non-Destructive Testing Services

With our immense experience in the area of aircraft maintenance, we provide all NDT services 24/7, 365 days a year in Türkiye and throughout the world. In our center equipped with the latest technology equipment; we provide professional and quality NDT services for airline companies, MRO’s and other industrial institutions.


Reliable Non-Destructive Testing method is implemented surpassing international standards through latest technological equipment by our experienced NDT teams. Proficient Level 2 and Level 3 NDT specialists and engineers working in our establishment are qualified to cater for all requests and needs of the customers in accordance with standards put forth by manufacturers, national and international civil aviation authorities (Turkish DGCA, EASA, FAA).


The non-destructive testing activities carried out within our organization are carried out by our qualified team of experts. Our company, with more than 2.000 reference standards, competent equipment and state-of-the-art control devices, is the leading practitioner in this field as in many other fields. Thanks to our D1 class capabilities, we successfully carry out NDT controls on aircraft and various aircraft components (engine, landing gear, rim and brake systems, etc.). Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we perform non-destructive inspection applications all over the world in line with the needs and demands of our customers. General and special NDT applications included in our capabilities:

General Applications Services:

NDT Method
Liquid Penetrant
Magnetic Particle
Eddy Current
Acid Etch
Barkhausen Noise
Applied Techniques
Water Washable (Method A), Solvent Remover (Method C), Post Emulsified Hydrophilic (Method D)
Electromagnetic Yoke, Wet Horizontal Stationary Equipment
Surface (HFEC) Inspection, Subsurface (MFEC, LFEC) Inspection, Bolt Hole (Dynamic), Eddy Current, Conductivity Measurement
Pulse Echo Ultrasonic, Through-Transmission Ultrasonic, Bond Testing, Phased Array Ultrasonic
Film Radiography
Impulse Thermography, Transient Thermography
Swap Acid Etch, Immersion Acid Etch
Manual Barkhausen Noise

Special Application Services:*

  • AOG Services
  • UT Phased Array
  • Rudder Shell Inspection(ELCH)
  • Bond/Resonance Testing
  • Pulsed Thermography
  • Ultraviolet(UV) Borescope Remote Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (RFPI)
  • 787 Damage and Repair NDT Inspection (Ramp Damage Checker, A scan, C scan)
  • A350 Aircraft Structural Damage and Repair NDT Inspection (Line Tool, Line Sizing, Line Mapping and Phased Array)
  • CFM56-7B SB-1033 (Fan Blade Dovetail Ultrasonic Inspection)
  • CFM56-7B S/B 72-0579 (TRF Leading and Trailing Edges By Eddy Current)
  • 737-53A1289 Inspection of the Skin for Scribe Lines
  • RB. 211-72-K740 Fan Blade Dovetail Ultrasonic Inspection
  • RB. 211-72-AH465 LPC Blades Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection
  • SB 72-0627 TCF Oil Supply Tube Eddy Current Inspection
  • SB 72-0676 HPC Extension Case Wishbone Configuration Inspection

*Capabilities are examplary and not limited to articles above.


Turkish Technic Non-Destructive Testing Training and Examination Center has been carrying out the activities for 8 NDT methods at all levels according to EN 4179 and that activities are approved by Turkish DGCA and NANDTB-TR(independent aerospace organization representing Turkish aerospace industry and has been a full member of the European Forum of National Aviation Non-Destructive Testing Boards), in the field of Non-Destructive Testing. We have the Authorization of Approved Training Institution in accordance with the SHT-NDT instructions. We offer training and examination services in 8 NDT methods and conduct such services not only in our SAW base but also provide them with our highly experienced instructors and examiners for various parts of the world.

Together with our comprehensive training and examination services, we are pleased to help our clients in other fields of NDT including:

  • Establishing and conducting Level 3 organization
  • Personnel assessments as annual maintenance
  • Preparation of training & examination processes
  • System and personnel audits
  • Preparation of company written practice
  • Approval of NDT procedures

Non-Destructive Testing Methods with Training and Examination Services:

  • Liquid Penetrant Control (PT)
  • Magnetic Particle Control (MT)
  • Eddy Current Control (ET)
  • Ultrasonic Control (UT)
  • Radiography Control (RT)
  • Thermography Control (TT)
  • Acid Etching Inspection (AEI)
  • Barkhausen Noise Inspection (BNI)


Non-Destructive Testing Task Trainings:

  • Ultrasonic Inspection on Composite Training
  • Ultrasonic Inspection on Fan Blade Training
  • Ultrasonic Phased Array Training
  • Pulse IRT Training
  • 787 Damage and Repair NDT Inspection Course
  • A350 Damage and Repair NDT Inspection Course
  • Rudder Shell Training (ELCH)


1. Required Documents for Application

Candidates must apply to the Sales Directorate of our company in order to take part in our non-destructive testing (NDT) training, examination and consultancy services. As a result of the approval of the application that is made to the Sales Directorate, the following documents must be sent to the application address via e-mail until the deadline (1 week before the course start date). The application form must be completely filled in, signed and sealed.

  • NDT qualification & certification application form
  • Photocopy of identity card

NDT Qualification & Certification Application Form: In NDT Qualification & Certification Programs, apply by choosing the course you want to attend. You can download the application form here. For your requests, please contact us at TPSMMAILGRUBU@THY.COM

2. Course and Exam Fee Course and / or exam fees will be determined by the Sales Directorate according to the number of participants of at least 5 people. Prices may be revised, if the number of participants is less.