Component Pool Services

We provide our customers reliable and high quality component support services across many locations of the world.


  • Turkey
  • North Africa
  • South Asia
  • Russia
  • Middle East
  • America
  • Europe

Component Pool Exchange Services

As Turkish Technic, we provide our customers a comprehensive and reliable component pool service experience in almost all corners of the world. We generate for our customers fast and precise solutions through our warehouses located in 4 continents (Turkey, North Africa, South Asia, Russia, Middle East, Europe and America).   

With the intention of excelling service quality and taking quick action in area of component services, we have initiated our web portal (Pool Web-Suite) in order to deliver our customers all the necessary information needed and to provide 24/7 support. Customers can place their order through the portal and track the process. Additionally, statistical analysis reports that have been prepared by specialist units can be accessed through the system and agreements KPI's can be followed therein.

We possess in our capability more than 16.000 components and a pool inventory worth $700M providing our domestic and international (India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Dubai, Morocco, Jordan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Russia, Romania, Thailand, USA) customers 24/7 service. In addition, our company is the world’s first AIRBUS A320NEO/A321NEO (equipped with LEAP 1-A Engine) pool component provider and in the near future will also earn the title of MAX pool provider. 

By meeting the customers’ needs and requests on time 94% of the time, our dedicated teams turn our service quality into reality providing services above industry standards.

Aircraft Types Available in Our Capabilities

737 CL-NG