Aircraft Maintenance Services

Since our foundation, we have been providing customers fast and reliable aircraft maintenance services.

Since our foundation, we have been providing customers fast and reliable aircraft maintenance services. We are located on two continents covering a total of 647.000 m² of closed space housing 11 hangars and a state of the art modern facilities. We conduct A, B, C, and D maintenance works for all aircrafts found in our capabilities through holding international maintenance certificates (EASA, FAA), latest technological equipment, a personnel count of more than 9,000 staff and with competent workers who are experts in their respective fields.

Along with aircraft base maintenance services provided to our customers, we provide various services such as cabin renewal, aircraft painting, line maintenance and business jet maintenance. The maintenance operations are conducted tailored to our customers’ needs and requests by our team of experts.

Base Maintenance Services

Bearing in mind the importance of quality, flight safety and customer satisfaction, our aircraft maintenance units supported by engineering, production and maintenance planning, component shops, logistics and quality assurance units provide our customers with a fast and reliable service in aircraft maintenance.

Some of our base maintenance customers are: Turkish Airlines, Turkish Cargo, Sun Express, Pegasus, Air Arabia, Azur, ACT Cargo, Flydubai, Flynas,  ULS Airlines, Air Blue, IndiGo, Jazeera Airways, Kuwait Airways, Saudia, TunisAir, Transavia, Nordwind

Aircraft Types Available in Our Capabilities

A320 Family
737 NG

Engine Types in Our Capability

*With our affiliate TEC.

V2500 IAE

Delivery Maintenance, Bridging Check Maintenance

During the process of our customers’ aircraft redelivery, all maintenance operations are conducted in accordance with international standards by our specialist units.

The purpose we adhere to regarding delivery maintenance operations is to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs and complete maintenance operations on time in a reliable manner, whether they are on the delivery or receiving end of the aircraft transfer.

Special Operations and Services Requiring Experience and Authority

With our immense experience and enhancement of capacity/capability in aircraft maintenance repair sector, we provide in-house services for all maintenance services regarding aircraft/components. Operations such as Engine/APU replacement, landing gear replacement, flight controller surface removal and mounting, high revolution engine start up, cabin pressuring, engine washing, scale, elimination of fuel leakage, cable and pipe manufacturing that requires special equipment/tool and training are conducted by our competent technical personnel.


As Turkish Technic, we have the capability to perform minor and major modification operations on aircraft. Having the authority to respond to all types of malfunctions and damages found on board the aircraft, our team of experts take into consideration our customers’ requests and therefore modification operations are conducted rigorously. Some of the modification operations found in our capability list include the following modification types IFE, GCS, CDSS, ACARS, SatCom, EFB, ATC Mode S, TCAS, T2CAS, T3CAS, EGPWS, cockpit door, RIB 5/6, SSIP, T/R etc.

Hangar Rental Services

With our 11 modern hangars and a total of 647.000 m² of closed space located on two continents; we cater to our customers’ aircraft hangar needs whether it is foreseen or spontaneous.