Training Services

Through trainers who are experts in their fields, specially designed training grounds for practical trainings and the immense experience we possess in aviation trainings results in us providing quality and specialized training services.

Having the capability to test 80 individuals in our 2 testing rooms, 1 aircraft (Boeing 737-300) for training purposes, 4 workshops for training, 12 simulation classes, 30 classes for training, 1 virtual reality class and 60 teachers, we are an education hub with the capacity to train a total of 810 trainees simultaneously. 

Educational activities are carried out by our professional education departments. These departments serve individuals or groups; Turkish Technic employees as well as domestic and international customers depending on sectoral requests. 

Part 145 Training Services

Trainings for aircraft maintenance and support services of aircraft, engine and components that require individual authorization; general overview, task, maintenance and coverage start work of all technical trainings as well as national and international regulations foreseen and renewal contents consisting of many awareness raising trainings, and coordinating personal development provided by our team of experts.

Part 147 Basic Training Services

Within the boundaries of SHY-147 and EASA Part-147 basic training capabilities, basic training classes are commenced, license exams are arranged and exam preparation courses are provided. 

Part 147 Type Training Services

Within the boundaries of SHY-147 and EASA Part-147, vocational trainings are commenced pertaining to registered type aircrafts alongside engine variation trainings and aircraft introduction trainings.   

Training Programs:

  • Category A task trainings
  • Engine run-up trainings
  • OJT trainings
  • NDT and borescope trainings
  • Category A1 & B1.1 & B2 basic training courses
  • Category A1 & B1.1 & B2 module exams
  • Category addition exams (i.e. From A1 to B1, from B1 to B2 etc…)
  • Omitting license conversion limitation exams
  • B1, B2, B1&B2 and category C type trainings
    • - Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321 (CFM56, IAE V2500) (CEO)
    • - Airbus A319/A320/A321 (PW1100G, CFM LEAP‐1A) (NEO)
    • - Airbus A330 (GE, RR, PW)
    • - Airbus A350 (RR Trent XWB)
    • - Boeing 737‐600/700/800/900 (CFM56)
    • - Boeing 737‐7/8/9 (CFM LEAP‐1B) (MAX)
    • - Boeing 777‐200/300 (GE 90)
    • - Boeing 787‐8/9/10 (GEnx)
  • Engine variation courses

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