With its unique location at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa, Istanbul is a city of great importance and potential in terms of international air traffic. Statistics show that 66% of global air traffic operations pass through Istanbul, which provides a great potential for Turkey’s civil aviation and for us.

Having a close proximity to most countries, Istanbul is within 3-hour flight distance to 78 cities in 41 countries,  4-hour flight distance to 118 cities in 53 countries and  5-hour flight distance to 143 cities in 66 countries. There is no other city in the region or in the world that gives the advantage of traveling to so many cities within 3-5 hours. Many projects are being implemented in order to turn this great potential of Istanbul into reality and to make the city the center of world air traffic. The Istanbul Airport Project and the Istanbul Airport MRO Base Project stand out as the most important of these projects.

When all phases are completed; Istanbul Airport will become the center of world air traffic and a global hub with 3.500 aircraft landing and taking off daily, and 200 million passengers being hosted.

As a result of these changes, it is predicted that there will be a large increase in the number of airline companies and aircraft that are operating in Turkey. This will enable us to provide line and base maintenance services to more aircraft every year and to improve our business relations (aircraft maintenance, component maintenance, pool, hangar rental, AOG, etc.) with the relevant airline operators day by day.

Turkey and the flag carrier Turkish Airlines family are the future of world civil aviation. Always striving to be the best, as Turkish Technic, we will continue to provide our customers with high quality and reliable maintenance-repair services.