TCI, TSI, and Cornea, affiliates of our company operating in the cabin interior design production sector, were brought under one umbrella to create a stronger and more comprehensive offering in the field of aircraft interiors.

TCI Aircraft Interiors focuses on providing high-quality products and services to the growing civil aviation sector, the integration of company’s respective strengths and expertise will enable TCI to offer a wider range of solutions to customers, and to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

TCI's approach to producing cabin interiors involves a balance between technology and design, ensuring that the products are not only innovative and advanced but also elegant and refined. The focus on perfection and quality is a core part of their company philosophy, and it drives the company to create cabin interiors that are truly exceptional in terms of their design, performance, and innovation.

With remarkable engineering capabilities and cutting-edge products, TCI Aircraft Interiors continues to be the chosen global provider of aircraft interiors and here to offer aviation industry the best value added, to keep develop and enhance their products, draw in new clients, and deliver high-quality services.

TCI continues to operate across two production facilities in Istanbul, Turkey, and Seattle, USA, with a team of 350 employees.