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Base Maintenance

TURKISH TECHNIC Aircraft Base Maintenance Department, as a MRO company  supported by engineering, production/planning, components shops, logistics and quality departments, aims for high standard maintenance with its experience personnel,  who give importance to  flight safety, reliability  and customer expectations. With its experience in aviation for over 78 years, TURKISH TECHNIC performs maintenance, control, overhaul and modification on Turkish Airlines and other airlines Aircraft and Components in four hangars according to  Turkish DGCA, EASA and FAA standards.

Our Hangars:
TURKISH TECHNIC performs high quality base maintenance in its  two large hangars and one VIP hangar at İstanbul Ataturk Airport  and one hangar at Ankara Esenboga Airport.

Base Maintenance and Letter Check
Aircraft operators who are looking for greater aircraft availability at the lowest cost  find in TURKISH TECHNIC  a partner with a unique position, at the heart of technical operations for fleets of every size, from low-cost and legacy carriers to regional and cargo airlines.

Some customers that we have worked with are:  Turkish Airlines, Sun Express , Pegasus Airlines, MIDEX, Air Berlin, Atlas Jet, Onur Air, Royal Jet, IZAir, OREN Air, YEMEN Air, SOJITZ, NEOS, BALKAN Air, AMSTERDAM Airlines,  Ariana Afghan, , AIR BLUE.
Aircraft Types Of Base Maintenance Capability
Rating Limitation

A1 Aircrafts Above 5700 Kg
Airbus A300
Airbus A300 - 600
Airbus A310
Airbus A319 / A320 / A321
Airbus A330
Airbus A340
Boeing 737 - 300 / 400 / 500
Boeing 737 - 600 / 700 / 800 / 900
Boeing 777 - 200 / 300
Gulfstream G IV Series
Gulfstream GV-SP Series
A2 Aircrafts Below 5700 Kg Cessna 510
Cessna 172
Diamond DA 42
Engine/APU Types  Capability

B1 Turbine Engine CFMI CFM56-3 Series
CFMI CFM56-5A/ -5B Series
CFMI CFM56 - 5C Series
CFMI CFM56 - 7B Series
GE CF6 - 80 Series
IAE - V2500 -A5 Series
B3 APU (APU's) Honeywell GTCP331-250 F/H
Honeywell GTCP85-98C/KC/DHF
Honeywell GTCP85-129H
Honeywell GTCP131-9B
Hamilton Sunstrand APS 2000 Series
Hamilton Sunstrand APS 3200 Series
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Redelivery Maintenance, Bridging Checks
TURKISH TECHNIC performs redelivery maintenance on Turkish Airlines  and customer aircraft according to  EASA and FAA rules. During redelivery checks aircraft maintenance departments focus timely and reliable maintenance.
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Processes Requiring Speciality and Experience
Engine/APU replacement, Landing Gear replacement, Flight Control Surface Removal/Installation, High Performance Engine Run, Cabin pressurazation, Engine wash, Weighing, Oil leak fixing, Cable and Hose manufacturing are performed.
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A340 IFE, B777 GCS (Global Communications Suite), CDSS (Cockpit Door Surveillance System), ACARS,  SatCom, EFB, ATC Mode S, TCAS, T2CAS, T3CAS, EGPWS, Cockpit Door, RIB 5/6,  SSIP, T/R, etc. are perfomed.
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Boroskop and Boreblending Facilities
Boroscope and Boreblending are performed in the workshops by boreblending and video boroscope experienced staff for several engine types.

Engine Types of Boroscope and Boroblending
CFM56-3 CFM56-3
CFM56-5 CFM56-5
CFM56-7 CFM56-7
V2500 -
CF6-80 A3 CF6-80 A3
CF6-80 C2 CF6-80 C2
CF6-80 E1 CF6-80 E1
CF6-50 CF6-50
GE 90 GE 90
TRENT 700  
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Annex Tool and Equipment Shops
More than 550 tools are maintained regularly in our Annex Tool and Equipment Shops. Additionally, more than 1000 equipment that belong to Line Maintenance, outstations and customers are available. We also manufacture  the items below as per demand:   
  • Wing docs
  • Tow bars with all types of Aircraft
  • Engine tables
  • MLG /NLG tools
  • LDG removal tools
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Aircraft Maintenance Tool Shop
We work with more than 6,500  types of tools and more than 104,000 equipments. Tools are available for rent.

Please contact for tool & equipment rent.
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