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Quality Policy

1. Maintenance/Flight Safety
To offer reliable service and product as taking the maintenance and flight safety as a prime concern.

2. Costomer Focus
To ensure customer satisfaction with offering product and service in accordance with customer expectations;  in case of customer complaint to take all necessary measures in accordance with the principles of trust, openness, importiality, confidentiality,  accessibility, completeness, equitability and sensitivity for resolving this complaint abjectively.

3. Quality Management System
To ensure adoption and increase the effectiveness of Quality Management System by giving priority to quality of service.

4. Effective Management

To achieve the missions of the company within the defined strategies by improving the communication, harmony and co-operation between the employees and with the awareness of responsibilities.

5. Continuous Development And Productivity

To be a continuously improving company by keeping corporate loyalty and team spirit at the highest level with planning, information and technology based approaches.

6. Occupational Health And Safety
To ensure absolute compliance of human and environmental factors in all activities of the company, based on the principles of occupational health and safety.

7. Environmental Awareness

To ensure adoption of environmental protection and development consciousness by all employees.

8. Compliance To Standarts And Regulations
To ensure absolute compliance and support of all personnel to national and international rules and regulations and company procedures with a good professional and technical application.

9. Human Factor
To work in accordance with the principles of human factor.         
10. Cooperation With The Quality Auditors
To provide the cooperation of all personnel with the quality auditors of Turkish DGCA, Turkish Technic, other authorities and operators/customers.

11. Reporting

To encourage personnel to report maintenance related errors/incidents.

12. Calibration Services

To offer calibration services in a quality, correct and reliable level in proper to conditions agreed with the customer and ISO 17025 standards, by applying internationally accepted methods.